Dr. Lorence, Psy.D.
received her
Bachelor's degree
from DePaul
University in 1991.
She obtained her
doctorate in clinical
psychology from The
Adler School of
Psychology in
Chicago in 1996
. Her
doctoral internship
was completed at
The Counselling
Center of

I have been practicing the art and science of psychology for over
twenty years.Through that time, I have helped clients to improve their
capacity to cope with circumstances and forces that seem beyond
their control.

Quite often people need support and direction to get through difficult
moments in their lives, as well as dealing with issues that have been
around for decades and we may have even given up on working on
all together. All behavior serves a purpose. When you identify the
purpose of behavior, you can identify how to change those aspects
of your life that have become destructive or harmful. This is true
whether you are dealing with relationships with others, disease, body
image, or weight.

I look forward to working with you.
Dr. Lisa Lorence, Psy.D

Dr. Lisa Lorence, Psy.D.